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Welcome to NoFoundry!

NoFoundry was developed by students of the HfG Karlsruhe disscussing concepts of contemporary font publication. Under the direction of Professor Michael Kryenbühl and Ivan Weiss we created a platform for the distribution and exchange of student typefaces.

Outside of established circles we aim to bring cross-university attention to student works. Trying to build a network of young type designers we offer you the possibility to sell or show your fonts, buy fonts from other students or to get in touch with other designers.

NoFoundry offers students the opportunity to sell their fonts without the waiver of any rights. You decide for yourself how much you want to charge for your font, and you keep 100% of the earnings. You can also upload early versions of fonts, inspirational drawings, pictures and scribbles. NoFoundry presents all its fonts, drawings, ideas and inspirations on a map. After the upload your font gets its own coordinates on the map, so that it can be rediscovered at any time or be shared with others.

Testing and buying fonts is only available on desktop version. Make sure to check our fonts on the Map, sign up for our Newsletter, and visit our Instagram.


Which requirements has my font to fulfill to be put on sale at NoFoundry?

→ your font hast to fulfill a minimumstandard (at least all upper- and/or lowercase letters from A-Z, also the numbers from 1-9 and punctuation marks . , : ; ! ? -()„„).

My font does not fulfill all of the requirements. can i upload it regardless?

→ If your font does not meet the requirements you can‘t put it up for sale but you can upload it to NoFoundry either for free or just for display and to exchange ideas with other interested designers

Are there other requirements?

→ you have to agree to the EULA and read our Users Guide.
you agree automatically with uploading or buying a font.

→ you‘ll need a working PayPal-Account.
you have to make some small changes to your PayPal-Account, so you can change the prize of your font on our website. How this works exactly and everything else you need to know you can look up in our Users Guide.


If you want to buy or sell fonts on NoFoundry you have to agree to our Enduser-license-agreement (EULA). Please read it carefully and make sure you understand it before you buy or uploading anything. With uploading or buying something you automatically agree to the EULA.


If you encounter any difficulties or if you feel uncertain about anything please feel free to send us an email to:

To get into contact with one of the designers directly please click on the info button at the corresponding font on the map.


Users Guide


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developed in the seminar:
„Lets Fonts“
by Prof. Ivan Weiss &
Prof. Michael Kryenbühl
at the wintersemester 2017/18

Moritz Appich, Massimiliano Audretsch, Daniel Schmidt, Timothée Charon, Leonie Lude, Calvin Kudufia, Nina Overkott, Tatjana Pfeiffer, Moritz Schottmüller, Janosch Kratz

Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe
Lorenzstraße 15
76135 Karlsruhe